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The Doors - Feast Of Friends - BluRay DVD 2014 "Feast Of Friends, filmed in 1968, was the first and only film produced about The Doors by The Doors. It offers a cinematic look at The Doors on the road during their summer 68 tour. Whilst never truly completed, the film provides a stylistic approach in true sixties cinéma vérité style. Concert performances are intercut with fly-on-the-wall footage of the group in their natural habitat, sometimes playful, sensitive, chaotic and touching. Other than a few appearances in film festivals in 1968, an official release would never be seen until now. Completely restored from the original negative, as supervised by Jim Morrison, the film has been colour corrected and cleaned in high definition with the soundtrack totally remixed and remastered by long-time Doors collaborator Bruce Botnick."


U.K. - November 10th, 2014 - BLU-RAY - £16.99 (Amazon.co.uk)
U.S.A. - November 11th, 2014 - BLU-RAY - $19.98
U.S.A. - November 11th, 2014 - DVD - $14.98

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1) Feast Of Friends: Encore - A newly produced feature using footage shot for Feast Of Friends, Encore is a complimentary piece which provides a deeper look into the life of the band at this period as they tour, record, travel and even vacation together. The program avoids the typical selection of hits and makes use of The Doors rare recordings to accompany this unreleased footage.

2) The Doors Are Open - A British TV documentary originally aired on December 17th, 1968, The Doors Are Open is focused around the band's performance at London's Roundhouse, which took place just days after the completion of filming for Feast Of Friends. Although previously released, the film has suffered from numerous sound and picture quality issues. Now the image quality has been dramatically improved and the sound has been transformed by Bruce Botnick to be as true to the original live sound as possible.

3) The End - Filmed in Toronto, Canada in August 1967 and first broadcast in October that year, this performance of "The End" was for The O'Keefe Centre Presents: The Rock Scene - Like It Is. In addition to the performance it includes the introduction by Noel Harrison and later interviews by John Densmore, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek and Danny Sugerman. Many fans consider this recording to be one of the best Doors performances ever caught on film.



Jim Morrison - City Street Poster 2014 "Collect a piece of history with this authentic, limited-edition reproduction of the rare Paul Ferrara photo. Authentic, frame-ready, Giclee full-color print on 18 x 24 heavy uncoated cardstock.

Each poster is individually-numbered.

This poster is available exclusively at TheDoors.com and for a limited time only.


July 15th, 2014 - $25.00 (The Doors Store)




Friends Gathered Together     "Jim Morrison... We know the stories, but does anyone know the real man? If you don't know where the truth ends and the fiction begins, you're not alone. Lies, myths, rumors and tall tales spread by people who didn't know him have masked Jim Morrison and clouded what he accomplished.

Fearing that the original, actual real Jim would become hopelessly lost, Frank Lisciandro, Jim's friend and film collaborator, gathered together more than a dozen of Morrison's friends for a series of conversations and interviews. In the transcripts of these talks Jim Morrison is candidly brought to light by the people who knew him, who were his pals, colleagues, mentors and lovers. Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together confronts and sweeps away the fantasy to illuminate an extraordinary man and gifted creative artist."


Fud Ford, Phil O'Leno, Rich Linnell, Bill Siddons, Ron Alan, Vince Treanor, Ginny Ganahl, Michael McClure, Cheri Siddons, Kathy Lisciandro, Leon Barnard, Eva Gardonyi, & Babe Hill

Available From Amazon.com:

JANUARY 16TH - 2014

"A third publication by Frank Lisciandro in an unintended series of photojournals revealing the character and true life being of Jim Morrison. Featuring over 50 original photographs, many unpublished, 'Friends Gathered Together' is a refreshing and valuable addition the ever growing catalogue of books and literature focusing on the life and times of Jim Morrison and The Doors. Through conversations with thirteen people who knew Jim Morrison throughout his lifetime, and Frank Lisciandro's own accounts as photographer and companion of Jim, old fans and new will treasure this book for years to come."