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The Doors - Feast Of Friends - BluRay DVD 2014 "Feast Of Friends, filmed in 1968, was the first and only film produced about The Doors by The Doors. It offers a cinematic look at The Doors on the road during their summer 68 tour. Whilst never truly completed, the film provides a stylistic approach in true sixties cinéma vérité style. Concert performances are intercut with fly-on-the-wall footage of the group in their natural habitat, sometimes playful, sensitive, chaotic and touching. Other than a few appearances in film festivals in 1968, an official release would never be seen until now. Completely restored from the original negative, as supervised by Jim Morrison, the film has been colour corrected and cleaned in high definition with the soundtrack totally remixed and remastered by long-time Doors collaborator Bruce Botnick."


U.K. - November 10th, 2014 - BLU-RAY - £16.99 (
U.S.A. - November 11th, 2014 - BLU-RAY - $19.98
U.S.A. - November 11th, 2014 - DVD - $14.98

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1) Feast Of Friends: Encore - A newly produced feature using footage shot for Feast Of Friends, Encore is a complimentary piece which provides a deeper look into the life of the band at this period as they tour, record, travel and even vacation together. The program avoids the typical selection of hits and makes use of The Doors rare recordings to accompany this unreleased footage.

2) The Doors Are Open - A British TV documentary originally aired on December 17th, 1968, The Doors Are Open is focused around the band's performance at London's Roundhouse, which took place just days after the completion of filming for Feast Of Friends. Although previously released, the film has suffered from numerous sound and picture quality issues. Now the image quality has been dramatically improved and the sound has been transformed by Bruce Botnick to be as true to the original live sound as possible.

3) The End - Filmed in Toronto, Canada in August 1967 and first broadcast in October that year, this performance of "The End" was for The O'Keefe Centre Presents: The Rock Scene - Like It Is. In addition to the performance it includes the introduction by Noel Harrison and later interviews by John Densmore, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek and Danny Sugerman. Many fans consider this recording to be one of the best Doors performances ever caught on film.



Jim Morrison - City Street Poster 2014 "Collect a piece of history with this authentic, limited-edition reproduction of the rare Paul Ferrara photo. Authentic, frame-ready, Giclee full-color print on 18 x 24 heavy uncoated cardstock.

Each poster is individually-numbered.

This poster is available exclusively at and for a limited time only.


July 15th, 2014 - $25.00 (The Doors Store)



The Doors - Record Store Day 2014 "Reissue on amber vinyl of the 1972 Elektra Records release. It was the second compilation by the group and the first release following the death of Jim Morrison. It features the first album release of two B-sides, Willie Dixon's "(You Need Meat) Don't Go No Further," sung by Ray Manzarek, originally on the flip side of the 1971 45 "Love Her Madly," and the beautiful "Who Scared You," "Wishful Sinful"'s flip with Jim Morrison on vocals from a session in 1969. Both are worthwhile additions not found on their first "greatest hits" collection, 13."


April 19th, 2014 - VINYL - $27.98
May 20th, 2014 - CD - $19.98

"For Record Store Day 2014, The Doors dug deep into the band's legendary past to uncover WEIRD SCENES INSIDE THE GOLD MINE. Originally released in 1972 and long out-of-print, this gold-certified double album was the first compilation to be released after Jim Morrison's death in 1971.

WEIRD SCENES INSIDE THE GOLD MINE will be available on April 19 as a limited edition double-LP set exclusively at select independent music retailers for a suggested list price of $27.98. Beautiful and rare in equal measure, production of this translucent amber swirled vinyl set is limited to 5,500 numbered copies worldwide. For a list of participating stores, please visit

The 22 songs that appear on the collection provide a wide-ranging introduction to the music recorded between 1967-71 by the original quartet, John Densmore, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrison. The band's longtime engineer Bruce Botnick remastered the music heard on this reissue, which takes its title from a lyric in "The End."

Mixing familiar cuts and deep tracks from six studio albums, WEIRD SCENES INSIDE THE GOLD MINE touches on everything from hits like "Break On Through" and "Love Her Madly" to unexpected delights like "The Spy" from Morrison Hotel and "Running Blue" from The Soft Parade.

Adding yet another dimension to the album's track list is the inclusion of two stellar b-sides: "Who Scared You" which appeared in March 1969 as the flipside to "Wishful Sinful," and a cover of Willie Dixon's "(You Need Meat) Don't Go No Further" which was paired with the smash "Love Her Madly" in 1971.

Rhino will release the collection on CD for the very first time as a double-disc set on May 20 for a suggested list price of $19.98."


1. Break On Through
2. Strange Days
3. Shaman's Blues
4. Love Street
5. Peace Frog/Blue Sunday
6. The WASP (Texas Radio)
7. End Of The Night

1. Love Her Madly
2. Spanish Caravan
3. Ship Of Fools
4. The Spy
5. The End

        SIDE C:
1. Take It As It Comes
2. Runnin' Blue
3. L.A. Woman
4. Five To One
5. Who Scared You (B-Side)
6. (You Need Meat) Don't Go No Further (B-Side)

1. Riders On The Storm
2. Maggie M'Gill
3. Horse Latitudes
4. When The Music's Over


R-Evolution Revolution: From creating one of the early music videos, their approach to FM radio, billboard advertising, and the use of creative album art and advertising - The Doors helped to revolutionize the way rock bands were promoted.

Evolution: From an unknown L.A. band to performing on pre-recorded television pop shows to international celebrity on the still emerging live television format. The Doors would take control of their own celluloid persona and create some of the most memorable promotional films in the music television history.

"This collection shows many aspects of The Doors on film. Rarities include the band's full performance on 'Shebang', an interview with Dick Clark, a color version of the band's appearance on 'Malibu U' (and never before seen outtakes), the complete, color version of Hello, I Love You from German TV, the director's cut of the 1985 L.A. Woman short film, and as bonus features, a new edit by Murray Lerner from the 1970 Isle of Wight festival and the infamous film commissioned by the Ford Motor Company in 1966 with The Doors providing the soundtrack. With the exception of the Ford piece, all the audio has been restored by Bruce Botnick, the band's long time engineer and co-producer of the L.A. Woman album."


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Blu-Ray (Special Edition)
DVD (Special Edition)


1. Break On Through (To The Other Side): Music Film - January 1967
2. Break On Through (To The Other Side): Shebang - Early 1967
3. The Crystal Ship: American Bandstand - July 22, 1967
4. Light My Fire: American Bandstand - July 22, 1967
5. Light My Fire: Malibu U - August 25, 1967
6. People Are Strange: Murray The K In New York - September 22, 1967
7. Moonlight Drive: From The Jonathan Winters Show - December 27, 1967
8. The Unknown Soldier: Music Film - February 1968
9. Hello, I Love You: Musik Fur Junge Leute: 4-3-2-1 Hot And Sweet - September 13, 1968
10. Touch Me: The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour - December 15, 1968
11. Wild Child: Music Film - July 1969
12. Roadhouse Blues: Music Film - February 1970
13. Crawling King Snake: GTK (Get To Know) - December 1970
14. The Changeling: Music Film - April 1971
15. Gloria: Music Film - October 1983
16. People Are Strange: Music Film - 1980's
17. Strange Days: Music Film - 1984
18. L.A. Woman: Music Film - 1985
19. Ghost Song: Music Film - 1995


-Love Thy Customer (music by The Doors) Ford Training Film - 1966
-Outtakes: Malibu U - 1967
-Break On Through (To The Other Side): Isle Of Wight - August 1970
-Break On Through The Lens - Documentary



RSD "This album was compiled from tracks suggested by record store owners and the individual tracks were selected by Bruce Botnick and includes rare mono mixes and live tracks. This Doors' album is completely unique and was made especially by the band for record stores only. Two variations of the artwork each feature a hand written track list by one of the surviving band members, John Densmore or Robby Krieger."



1. Break On Through (To The Other Side) (Mono)
2. Soul Kitchen (Mono)
3. Moonlight Drive (Mono)
4. When the Music's Over (Mono)

1. Love Street (LP Version)
2. The Unknown Soldier (Live Hollywood Bowl 1968)
3. Roadhouse Blues (Live at Felt Forum, New York City, January 17, 1970 - First Show)
4. Five To One (Live In Boston, 1970) (2nd Show)


14 CD set containing all 14 Doors singles as they were released in Japan. Each CD comes individually packaged with original Japanese artwork, and is fashioned to mimic the original 7" Japanese vinyl packaging.

Release Date: June 26th 2013


1. Light My Fire (Mono)/The Crystal Ship (Mono)
2. People Are Strange (Mono)/Unhappy Girl (Mono)
3. Love Me Two Times/Moonlight Drive
4. The Unknown Soldier (Mono)/We Could Be So Good Together (Mono)
5. Hello I Love You/Love Street
6. Touch Me/Wild Child
7. Tell All The People/Easy Ride
8. Runnin' Blue/Do It
9. Land Ho!/You Make Me Real
10. Love Her Madly/You Need Meat
11. Riders On The Storm/Changeling
12. Tightrope Ride/Variety Is The Spice Of Life
13. Get Up And Dance/Treetrunk
14. The Mosquito (Mono)/It Slipped My Mind



The Doors App for iPad     "THE DOORS official App brings The Doors' story to life with a rich, immersive experience that digs deeply into every aspect of The Doors' incandescent career. From their beginnings, to today, The Doors' music burns with an intensity fueled by their distinctive approach to poetic lyrics, bold instrumentation and mesmerizing performance."

"Conceived by Elektra Records founder Jac Holzman and produced by Jac Holzman and Robin Hurley. Built by Brandwidth U.K."


Available From iTunes

Price: $4.99
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Version: 1.1
Size: 915 MB
Language: English
Seller: Warner Music Inc.


* Insider Stories - by David Fricke detailing the making of each Doors album; the "Miami Incident," American Prayer, Absolutely Live, Live in Europe '68 - enriched with videos, audio, photos and rarely seen memorabilia

* Timeline The Doors' History - You control the Timeline from the radio dial of Jim's Shelby GT500

* Cast Of Characters - Meet the key people in The Doors' universe

* Music Room - Flip through the classic Doors LPs, hear song samples, or scan and match full tracks from your own library. Plus lyrics to all Doors songs

* Graphic Novel - Tale of the infamous Miami Incident by Dean Haspiel & Adam Holzman, plus a Doors Dossier of actual FBI files and many trial related documents

* Tech Nuggets - Descriptions and photos of all equipment used in the recording of each studio album

* Doors Map of LA - Prime hot spots in the band's history, with photos and stories

* Vignettes - from Patti Smith, Hunter S. Thompson, Greil Marcus and Francis Coppola, as well as John, Ray and Robby

* 44 Video Commentaries, plus six (6) full-length Doors Music Videos

* Social - In-app links to Social Media and the iTunes store

* Gallery - All the App's photographs, artwork, tape boxes, memorabilia, press releases

* Favorites - A personal portfolio of treasures, chosen by you's creator Logan Janzen is proud to be a part of The Doors 2013 release of the official App!


  The band rocks the great white north with this unreleased 1970 concert   featuring guest appearance by blues legend Albert King. Available   November 22, 2010 from Rhino and Bright Midnight Archives.

Release Date: November 22nd, 2010


1. Start Of Show
2. Roadhouse Blues
3. Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
4. Back Door Man
5. Five To One
6. When The Music's Over
7. Applause - Jim Talks
8. Love Me Two Times
9. Applause - Jim Talks
10. Little Red Rooster - with Albert King
11. Tuning
12. Money - with Albert King
13. Tuning
14. Rock Me - with Albert King
15. Tuning
16. Who Do You Love - with Albert King
1. Tuning
2. Petition The Lord with Prayer
3. Light My Fire
4. Tuning
5. The End
6. Thank You & Good Night

"LOS ANGELES- Four months into the band's 1970 Roadhouse Blues Tour, The Doors lit up Vancouver like the Northern Lights with an incandescent performance ignited by a rollicking set list, and blues legend Albert King, who sat in for four songs. Rhino and Bright Midnight Archives capture every shining moment with THE DOORS - LIVE IN VANCOUVER. The two-disc set of unreleased music will be available November 22 at all retail outlets, including, for a suggested list price of $19.98 (CD) and $13.99 (Digital)."'s creator Logan Janzen is proud to be a part of Bright Midnight Archive's 2010 release of The Doors: Live In Vancouver!

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