Contributed By: Thomas E. Breitenbach

In October 1970, Jim Morrison responds to a letter from artist T.E. Breitenbach requesting a potential triptych painting that may be of use for an upcoming poetry album. Jim specifies on the scenery he would like to see in each of the three panels, and within a few months the painting is done and photograph is sent to Jim for his approval. Once again he responds, asking permission for its potential use on his poetry album, and requests further slides of the painting. He also includes copies of poetry publications 'The New Creatures' and 'An American Prayer'. By March of 1971, receives a final response from Kathy Lisciandro that Jim has taken up residence in Paris. He never returns. Today, T.E. Breitenbach is still an avid painter and still in possession of the painting and all three letters. MildEquator.com is extremely pleased to feature these rare and unique items in our Showcase section and we'd like to give a special thanks to Thom for his this incredible contribution to the site. For more information, please visit Thom's website at http://tebreitenbach.com

All Images Copyright 1970 T.E. Breitenbach. All Rights Reserved.

Dear Mr. Breitenbach:

    Thank you for your interest. Maybe we can do something.

    Try doing a triptych. The left panel depicting a radiant
moon-lit beach and an endless stream of naked couples running
silently along the water's edge. On the beach, a tiny infant grins
at the universe and around its crib stand several ancient, old people.

    The center -- a modern city or metropolis of the future at
noon, insane with activity.

    The last panel -- a view through a car windshield at night on
a long straight desert highway.

    If you come up with something related to these themes within
the next four or five months I'm sure I could use it.

    Thanks again.

                    James Morrison




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