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The London Fog 1966 - Tadeusz Roblewsky

Avalon Ballroom 1967 - Bill Grote
The Scene 1967 - Colin Beard
Anaheim Convention Center 1967 - Mike Schons
Crosstown Bus 1967 - Sandy Cartwright
Canton High School 1967 - Connie Smith
Staples High School 1967 - John Anthony & Joe Gracia
Surf Club 1967 - Len Cirelli
Colorado College 1967 - Tom Reynolds
The Family Dog 1967 - Jim Parker

Eastman Theatre 1968 - Albert Raman
Back Bay Theatre 1968 - Ron Bogan
Westbury Music Fair 1968 - Rob Hollander
Pacific Coliseum 1968 - Gerry Mosby
Honolulu International Center 1968 - Neil Ross
Singer Bowl 1968 - Steven Pearl
Merriweather Post Pavilion 1968 - Robert Gloyd
Asbury Park 1968 - Ida Miller
Saratoga Performing Arts Center 1968 - Duane Van Patten
Columbus Veterans Memorial Coliseum 1968 - Ric Cacchione
Phoenix Veterans Memorial Coliseum 1968 - Bob Wyman
L.A. Forum 1968 - Michael Lydon

Madison Square Garden 1969 - Ida Miller
Dinner Key Auditorium 1969 - Skip Measelle
Dinner Key Auditorium 1969 - Octavio Diaz
Dinner Key Auditorium 1969 - Roger Holzberg
Toronto Rock n' Roll Revival 1969 - Jack Batten
Toronto Rock n' Roll Revival 1969 - Godfrey Jordan
Philadelphia Arena 1969 - Carol Majewski
Philadelphia Arena 1969 - J. Kalli
Philadelphia Arena 1969 - Ida Miller

Felt Forum 1970 - Ida Miller
Allen Theatre 1970 - John Westfall
University of Denver 1970 - Jim Parker
Philadelphia Spectrum 1970 - Ida Miller
Pacific Coliseum 1970 - Tadeusz Roblewsky
The Hump 1970 - Jim Pearson
San Diego 1970 - Taylor Kingston
Dallas 1970 - Jim Bayliss
New Orleans 1970 - Gordon Gunn

Tyndall Armory 1972 - John Stanton
Dillon Stadium 1972 - Robert Bacjand