LONDON FOG - 05/07/1966

West Hollywood, CA - U.S.A.

Note: Exact date of this performance is unknown.

Venue Address: 8919 Sunset Blvd. - West Hollywood, CA 
Promotion: London Fog/Jesse James
Event: Venue Exclusive

Also Performing:
Rhonda Layne (Go-Go Dancer)

Rock Me
Baby, Please Don't Go
You Make Me Real
Don't Fight It
Hoochie Coochie Man (Ray On Vocals)
Strange Days

Recordings / Film:
Amateur/Audience Recording


Reviews / Info:
-The Doors give their final performance at the London Fog before moving on to the Whisky a Go Go.
-Partial setlist above likely reflects The Doors March debut performance only.

"Back in '66, I saw The Doors perform live at the London Fog on Sunset Strip. Talk about a lead singer being camera shy - you only saw his face maybe 5 or 6 times during the performance. Most of the time his back was to the audience. Being that I saw them over 44 yrs ago, the only thing that I can remember about them was that they didn't seem very tight and they still looked like they were trying to find their place. I can't recall any songs that they did, although I do recall that two of them were blues covers."

Tadeusz Roblewsky
Lethbridge, AB
Copyright © 2010 Tadeusz Roblewsky

A Special Thanks to Tadeusz Roblewsky for sharing his memories of the London Fog with!


Mondo Bizarro


A brief segment of footage shot for this film shows a legible marquee of the London Fog in 1966. The Doors are the house band at this venue in before moving down the street to the Whisky A Go Go. For many years, the exact location of the London Fog was unknown despite heavy research, however the discovery of this brief segment of film has revealed the original location of the nightclub. While this footage is on the screen, the narrator states "This is Sunset Boulevard, legendary street of dreams and myths. Young people from all over the world are drawn here by the glamour and the film industry. For this is Hollywood. Now, just a small section of Los Angeles. Here are the favored clubs and watering places of the celebrated."