BACK BAY THEATRE - 03/17/1968


Venue Address: 209 Massachusetts Ave. - Boston, MA 
Promotion: Unknown
Event: In Concert

Also Performing:
Linda Ronstadt & The Stone Poneys
Organ Factory (Early Show)

Early Show
Break On Through
The Unknown Soldier
Light My Fire
Late Show
When The Music's Over
Back Door Man
      -Five To One
Break On Through
      -There You Sit
Love Me Two Times
You're Lost Little Girl
Light My Fire
The End
      -Across The Sea
      -The Accident
      -The Holy Sha
      -The Crossroads

Recordings / Film:
8mm Promotional Film
Amateur/Audience Recording (Late Show)

Carole Morrisey

Reviews / Info:
-4:00pm & 7:30pm scheduled start times.
-Promotional artwork by Bob Estus (Poster;)
-Approx. 3,500 in attendance during both shows.
-This performance is falsely advertised as The Doors first appearance in Boston.
-Due to fog in the Boston area, The Doors and Linda Ronstadt's flight from Rochester is delayed.
-Road manager Vince Treanor arrives late by truck with the band's equipment and unloads with the help of the Organ Factory.
-Promoters quickly call in opening act Organ Factory to perform.
-The earliest known screening of 'The Unknown Soldier' film takes place during the delay.
-Linda Ronstadt's manager Herb Cohen hires a private plane to fly both groups from Rochester and fulfill contract obligations.
-An early form of 'Five To One' is performed during 'Back Door Man' at the late show.
-Jim Morrison incorporates rare renditions of poetry into 'The End'.
-Late show setlist may be incomplete.
-The Doors are filmed by Bob Neuwirth on this date for a promotional film.
-This venue opens in March 1922 as Loew's State Theater and is demolished after its closing in June 1968.

"I had a choice of seeing either The Doors or the Paul Butterfield Blues Band that day. I had seen Butterfield shortly before, so I opted for The Doors. I was only 15 at the time, and I went with a high school mate. I think the show may have been on a Sunday and possibly in the afternoon. The band was late, and at some point during the delay, the film 'The Unknown Soldier' was shown. The song hadn't been released yet, and I think also that this was the first rock video I had ever seen. It was powerful at the time. I remember the crowd was a bit pissed at the wait, and Morrison being quite drunk. They opened with 'Break on Through'. The show was good, but not great. The Doors were so hot at the time but the delay and Jim's condition took away from the enthusiasm. I probably saved the ticket stub, but it's long gone by now. All I have are these, admittedly, limited memories."

Ron Bogan
Salem, MA
Copyright © 2010 Ron Bogan

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Not To Touch The Earth


8mm B&w footage with a studio version of Not To Touch The Earth for a soundtrack. In March 1968, The Doors management hire famed New York artist Bobby Neuwirth to 'babysit' Jim Morrison and complete a short documentary film titled 'Not To Touch The Earth' as a companion to their recently recorded epic 'The Celebration of the Lizard'. The film includes footage of the The Doors performances taken on March 16th in Rochester, and March 17th in Boston. Also included is behind-the-scenes footage of the band in flight and backstage where Linda Ronstadt can be also be spotted. Outtake footage is known to exist, although details on the master footage reels are unknown.

Film Locations:

Note: Portions of this filmwork do not contain performance footage.

Rochester - March 16th 1968 at the Eastman Theatre
Boston - March 17th 1968 at the Back Bay Theatre



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