HI CORBETT FIELD - 05/24/1968


Venue Address: 3400 E Camino Campestre - Tucson, AZ 
Promotion: KIKX
Event: Happening #2

Also Performing:
Unknown (Local Band)

Back Door Man
Anybody Got A Cigarette? (Dialogue)
Break On Through
      (Power Cut)
Soul Kitchen
Moonlight Drive
When The Music's Over
Light My Fire

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Reviews / Info:
-8:30pm scheduled start time.
-Outdoor performance.
-Lights by 'Solar Flare'.
-The Doors arrive late for this show, causing the opening act to play two unrequested encores.
-Jim Morrison gives a highly provocative performance and the audience reacts enthusiastically.
-Many amateur photographs are said to have been taken during this show.
-During 'Break On Through' the stadium breakers flip, cutting the lights and stage power.
-Before the power is restored, Jim Morrison gazes up at the visible stars waiting for it to return.
-During a quiet passage in 'When The Music's Over', an audience member faints.
-Police carry away the fainted audience member after she is hoisted over the front row barrier.
-Jim Morrison swings the microphone over his head in bigger and bigger arcs narrowly missing Ray Manzarek.
-Vince Treanor runs in a crouch onto the stage to warn Jim Morrison as Ray does not see the microphone.
-Jim Morrison invites the audience to come on stage during 'Light My Fire'.
-Audience members trample the front row barrier in response to Jim Morrison's request.
-Police officers struggle to contain the audience, and The Doors leave the stage.



Newspaper: Tucson Daily Citizen
Author: Unknown
Publish Date: May 16th - 1968
Copyright © Tucson Daily Citizen
Doors Will Sing Here On May 24