Venue Address: 1826 West McDowell Rd. - Phoenix, AZ 
Promotion: Scenic Sounds
Event: Arizona State Fair

Also Performing:
Albert King
The Sunshine Company
Hamilton Streetcar

Back Door Man
Tell All The People
When The Music's Over
Light My Fire
The Unknown Soldier

Recordings / Film:

Doug Hartley

Reviews / Info:
-8:00pm scheduled start time.
-Approx. 10,000 in attendance.
-Jim Morrison expresses disatisfaction with the election of Richard Nixon as President on November 5th.
-The Doors are troubled with equipment failures during this show.
-Jim Morrison provokes a near-riot from the audience.
-Members of the audience are arrested during the performance after rushing the stage.
-The Doors are banned from further performances in Phoenix after this show.
-This is The Doors final performance in Phoenix.
-Manager Bill Siddons reports that a TV special on The Doors is cancelled as a result of this show.

"The Doors/Albert King/Sweetwater show at the Arizona State Fair, Veteran's Memorial Coliseum in 11/1968 was the first "Concert" I went to at 12 years old. I sat above the floor on the east side next to the stage which was facing north. Sweetwater had a great sound and Albert King just plain blew me away, and I've been crazy about that Gibson Flying V guitar ever since. The Doors opened the show with 'Back Door Man'. The AZ Republic article is incomplete and seems somewhat tamed down, especially to what I remember. Nixon had just been elected president the day before and Mr. Morrison was NOT pleased, angrily bellering "Here we go again - four more years of mediocrity and horseshit!".

Things were getting out of control on the floor, and I'm glad I wasn't down there. I remember The Doors had an extremely long version of 'When the Music's Over' with Jim at a stand off with Vet's Coliseum facilities crew and security who wouldn't shut the house lights completely off at Jim's recurring insistance. At one point in the show, Jim took off his shirt and was using it to gesture at Arizona highway patrolmen in the front row as a mock bullfighter summoning the bull, waving his shirt like a 'cape'. At the end of the show, with the crowd demanding encores, throwing wadded up balls of paper on fire on stage, an Arizona highway patrolman on stage kept demanding that the show was over, but the crowd wouldn't let up, so he finally gave in and The Doors did another tune. Jim was charged with inciting a riot (looks like the charges were dropped) and seven people were arrested on the floor. All four members of The Doors were banned from entering or being in the state of Arizona for five years, even though John, Robby and Ray did nothing against the law, just playing their instruments per my quite accurate personal recollection. About a year later Jim violated the ban to be in Arizona by getting arrested with a friend at Sky Harbor Phoenix airport for being D&D on a Continental flight. I remember they were trying to 'sneak in' to see a Rolling Stones show."

Bob Wyman
Sedona, AZ
Copyright © 2012 Bob Wyman

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